Optimalprint+ FAQ


Welcome to your new purchasing experience with Optimalprint! 



 Find out what Plus membership is all about  


  1. Why was Plus membership started? 

At Optimalprint, we want to make our customers' lives easier. We started Plus membership almost 1 year ago to make the Optimalprint shopping experience more convenient and cost-effective, by offering free shipping on all orders for a year. With just 2 orders with Optimalprint, you will have made your money back on the Plus membership fee. Your savings will only go up!  


We're only just getting started. We're always listening to our customers' feedback to find new and improved ways to make Plus membership more beneficial for you - giving you back more time, money, and peace of mind. Welcome to Plus membership :)  

  1. What are the benefits of being a member? 

As a Plus member, you get the following benefits for a full 12 months:   

✔ free standard shipping on all products and orders  

✔ access to members-only deals and promotions  

✔ early and exclusive updates about newly launched products and design collections  

✔ an extended 30-day quality guarantee on all products you purchase. That means if there's anything wrong with the product you received, you have 30 days to contact Customer Service for either a free replacement or refund.  

  1. How long does membership last? 

A single membership period lasts one year, beginning on the day that your membership fee is paid. Unless you cancel your membership before your one-year period is over, then your membership will automatically renew into another year, and you will be charged the membership fee again.  


We only offer annual membership plans at this time.  

  1. Which delivery method do I get for free? 

As a Plus member, you'll get the standard shipping method for free or the least expensive method, when standard methods are unavailable. When standard shipping is available, express shipping will not be covered by Plus.   


Delivery of an order is dependent on the chosen shipping method and the local postal services. With Plus, we can’t speed up delivery or change the shipping method after the order has been placed.  

  1. Who is eligible for Plus membership? 

All customers are welcome! Whether you're a first time customer with Optimalprint or you've been with us for a while, you're able to join the Plus program.  

  1. Does the membership work on both the website and the app? 

Yes! Your membership stays with you no matter which device you're on or if you're shopping on the Optimalprint website or Optimalprint app. Simply log into your account and your membership will be recognized.   


How Plus membership works  


  1. How do I become a member? 

Becoming a Plus member is easy. Just add Plus membership to your basket as you shop and pay the membership fee along with the rest of your order. Your membership will start immediately, giving you free shipping on the other products in your order.   


To add Plus to your basket, click on “Free shipping 🚚” at the top of your screen. You’ll be brought to the Optimalprint Plus page, where you can click “Become a member” to add membership to your basket. Otherwise, you will be prompted to join the Plus program before you check out, once you've added other products to your order.   

  1. How much does it cost to be a member? 

Membership fees are provided per country. Once you navigate to checkout, you will see how much the Plus membership fee is for you. The fee is what you will be charged when you first sign up to Plus and then again on each annual renewal.   


If for any reason, membership fees change, we will proactively communicate this to our existing Plus members. Upon renewal, you will be charged whatever is the current membership fee in your country.   

  1. What payment methods do you accept? 

At this time, we accept all major credit and debit cards and PayPal in order to sign up to Plus membership. If you have Plus membership in your basket, you will be asked to enter only one of these payment methods in order to proceed.   

  1. Does Plus membership automatically renew? 

Yes, as long as you have an active membership, we will automatically charge you the membership fee at the end of your current membership period, also known as your renewal date. This will also automatically start your next one-year membership period. The payment method you provide when you sign up to Plus the first time is the one we will store on your account and charge in the future. You are able to change this at any time from Your Account.   

  1. Will I be notified when my membership is due to renew? 

Yes, we will send you a renewal reminder via email 30 days before your renewal date, which is also the date that your annual membership fee will be automatically charged. If you wish to remain a member, there is nothing you will need to do at that point. If you wish to stop being a member, you will need to follow the membership cancellation steps before your renewal date (see question below).   

  1. What is your cancellation and refund policy? 

First 14 days  

In the 14 days following your first Plus membership signup, you have the right to withdraw from Plus membership. You can do so by contacting Customer Service, who will process your membership withdrawal. Once this is complete, Plus membership and access to all member benefits will be immediately removed. You are eligible for a full or partial refund based on your use of the free shipping benefit between when you signed up to Plus and when you withdrew from Plus.   

- If you have made use of free shipping, then your refund will be equal to the Plus membership fee that you originally paid minus the total shipping savings that you have accumulated as a Plus member.   

- If you have not made use of free shipping, then you will receive a full refund.   


After the first 14 days  

From this point onwards, you can cancel Plus membership anytime by contacting Customer Service, who will process your cancellation. Once this is complete, you will retain access to your member benefits until your current membership period is over, and your membership will not automatically renew at that time. We do not provide refunds upon membership cancellation.   

Please contact the Customer Service team here.

  1. Can my membership be canceled in any other way? 

Yes, we reserve the right to cancel your Plus membership at any time if we conclude that you are not adhering to our Plus Terms and Conditions. If this happens, you will not be entitled to a refund, and we will contact you directly to let you know your membership has been canceled.   

  1. Is there a limit of how many times I can get free shipping? 

As long as you are an active Plus member, there is no limit to how many orders you can get free shipping on. However, Plus is only available for personal use. Per our Terms and Conditions, members cannot use Plus to get free shipping on commercial orders or items that are meant for resale, and we reserve the right to cancel your membership if we suspect any commercial activity.   


Within a single order Plus members have a limit of 5 items, each with a maximum quantity of 5, in order to receive free shipping. If you want to order more than this at any one time, you will have to pay for shipping.  


Plus memberships prior to August 5, 2022  


  1. How is my current membership impacted? 

If you signed up to Plus before August 5, 2022, your member benefits will remain unaffected during the remainder of your current membership period. Your membership will not automatically renew at the end of your current membership period, and you will not automatically be charged the membership fee again. This will not change without your consent. If you have not taken the steps to renew your membership by your expiration date, then your membership will expire and your member benefits removed at that time, as per the Terms and Conditions when you originally signed up.   

  1. How do I renew my membership on the new model? 

We will be in touch via email before your first membership expiration date to walk you through how to renew. This will include a one-time request for your consent to the automatic renewal of Plus membership on an annual basis and for your preferred payment details to store on your account, so we can charge Plus membership fee in the future. You will be able to cancel your membership at any time following your first renewal and change your payment details at any time from Your Account.   


  1. If my membership expires, how do I become a member again? 

You will be able to join Plus again anytime after your membership expires, by following the guidance shared earlier in this article. As of August 5, 2022, new Plus memberships are no longer be available without automatic renewals.  


Still have questions?  

Please see our Terms and Conditions for more details or you can contact the Customer Service team here.