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Can you edit a design for me?
Can you edit a design for me?
Updated over a week ago

All our designs are made by professional graphic designers and consist of a single image file where we cannot change the individual parts. Our platform is self-service, and the template allows you to customize a variety of things: You can upload images, enter your own text, and change the style, size, and color of the fonts in the text boxes.

If it is possible to choose different colors, you will see these on the website while choosing between different designs (the colored boxes next to it). We do not make any further adjustments to the design. If you want something different, please choose a different design. Note that we have a "Make your own" option when choosing a design. There you can start with a blank template and add text or picture boxes as you wish.

We print our cards on white high-quality cardboard (300-350 grams). It is your chosen design that determines which colors are printed

Although we do not recommend it, it is possible to add a background color if you are working on a PC or laptop. You will then need to create a JPEG file and fill it with the background color you want. You can use a design program of your choice (eg Paint or Photoshop) to do so. Then add a picture frame to your card and upload your background just like previous photos.

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