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I've placed an order - what happens next?
I've placed an order - what happens next?
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After you have placed an order, you should receive a confirmation email containing your order number, your estimated delivery date, and delivery address. If you identify any problems at this point, you may cancel or edit your design through your account up until midnight on the day that you placed the order.

Your order will automatically be sent to a local print house at midnight on the day you placed the order. At this point, your order can no longer be edited or canceled. You can, however, still edit the delivery address until your order is shipped (usually in the morning of the working day after you placed the order).

Once your order has been passed to the shipping provider, you will receive a shipping confirmation email (and SMS if you so choose). If you chose a shipping method with tracking, the tracking code will be shown and you can also find this in your account.

If you do not receive confirmation emails from us, please check your spam folder.

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