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Can I edit my design after I have placed my order?
Can I edit my design after I have placed my order?
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An order cannot be edited after it is placed, only cancelled, and then a new order can be placed with another design.

Optimalprint prints 7 days a week, which means that you may not have the ability to change, cancel, or stop your order if the order has entered the printing process. Usually, an order can be cancelled no more than 30 minutes after it is placed, otherwise it will go into printing, and it will be too late.

To check if you can still cancel your order, log in to your account and go to “Your Orders”.


If there is no longer an option to cancel, then your design has gone to print and no further changes can be made. Here you can see two examples:

On the left, the "Cancel Order" button is present, which means the order is not in the printing process yet and can be canceled.

On the right, the "Cancel Order" button is gone, which means the order is either in the printing process or shipped and cannot be canceled.


Tip: Click HERE to see the process of canceling an order.

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