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How can I upload my image/designs?
How can I upload my image/designs?
Updated over a week ago

You can upload your own design using the ‘Upload Your Design’ templates visible in each category and then use the ‘add image’ button.

The supported file formats include JPEG, PNG and PDF (one file per page, and make sure there are no hidden layers in the PDF otherwise they can get printed as well). The size of the files must not exceed 30mb. The actual size of the cards is provided when you pick a size and format (below the ‘Upload Your Design’ thumbnail).

If you can't upload your image and encounter an error "Image upload fails". Please check if your image file size is 30 MB or below.

For images where you want the background to be transparent, and not printed, please use the PNG file format with no background included.

NOTE: It is preferable to use files which have the colour profile CMYK instead of RGB, as this usually ensures more accurate colour reproduction.

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