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Design editor for Wood Prints
Design editor for Wood Prints
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Once you've picked out the perfect wood print type on the product page, you'll seamlessly transition to our intuitive design editor.

Our Wood Print design editor is user-friendly and straightforward, offering the following features:

NOTE: Woodprint is only available on our Legacy websites

  • On the left side you have the main categories of tools: “Gallery”, “Layouts” and “Formats”.

    Gallery - will allow you to upload a file (you can upload them either straight from your device or Google Photos, Facebook, Instagram, or Dropbox. Please make sure the images are high resolution and with a DPI over 300.

    Layouts - reveals all the available layouts of the design, including collages.

    Formats - will allow you to choose the following specifications:

    Thickness - standard or premium

    The orientation of the foam print between Landscape/Horizontal, Portrait/Vertical, or square.

    The format, includes multiple sizes for the wood print.

Clicking on it grants you access to select a file from your uploaded options. Move images around to get them just right. And don't forget to zoom in for precision!

When you click on an added image, buttons materialize above the design:

  • Undo and Redo actions

  • Zoom mode for closer inspection

  • Rotation options

  • Horizontal and vertical flipping buttons

  • Crop tool for customizing the image within the design.


  • At the top, you have a summary of the product specifications you have chosen.

  • At the top-right, you have the "Save to drafts", "Add to basket" and "Preview".

  • At the bottom right, you have the zoom option once again.

Legacy website: United Kingdom, Canada, Sweden, Danmark, France, Ireland, Nederland, Germany, Norway, Belgique, Switzerland, Singapore, Brazil, Italia, Spain


  • Before placing your order, it's crucial to review the preview to ensure everything is as you want it.

  • Should you encounter an error message, don't overlook it. Follow the instructions provided, usually indicating an issue with the image.

  • Remember, the maximum image size allowed is 30 MB, and we accept JPEG and PNG formats.

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