What is a design editor and how does it work?

For customized products, the design editor is the online tool we put at your disposal for you to create your print files with Optimalprint.


Accessing the online design editor

Choose the type of product you desire and click “Personalize” or “Create your own”, the blue button on the product page.


If you already have it in the shopping basket, click on the button “Edit”.



Design Editor features

On the left side, you will see several features of the design editor, such as:

  • Gallery: Clicking on it will allow you to add photos on the product
  • Text: This will allow you to add text on the product
  • Layouts: This option will let you choose the layout of your design, from a whole page image to a collage
  • Formats: On this option you will be able to choose the characteristics of the base product, such as size, thickness, colour, frame types (for posters only), etc

On the right side, you have:

  • Preview button: You can generate a preview to see how the final product will look like
  • Save changes: You can save the progress you have made in your design and proceed to checkout
  • Save to drafts: You can save the edits and send the design to drafts, if you want to order it another time



Important: When it comes to uploading photos, for the best outcome, please follow the guidelines below:

  • Avoid submitting photos downloaded from WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Instagram, and Facebook, as they may have been downgraded in quality - try to use original photos as much as possible. If you are using a photo sent by a friend or family member, ask him/her to send you the file via email, Google Photos, or Dropbox as those services don't compress the files.
  • Submit the original photo from your digital camera, shot in the highest resolution (pixels/DPI). The minimum requirement for an image to print sharp is 300 DPI.
  • Also, the thin grey outer margin is the bleed area (gray frame in the editor in which we cut). This thin area represents the area where we do not print, or where we fold the image. So make sure you keep the photo on the inside rectangle.