Do you offer folded place cards?

We only offer flat place cards, which can't be folded. You can either lay them on the table, lean them against a glass or something similar, or use a place card holder.


How can I create, customize and add individual names to place cards?

Place cards with individually printed names can only be customized on a laptop or desktop PC.  You can`t select or edit them using mobile devices.

Place cards are the only product on which we can print individual names or text. When you select a place card design and customize it, you'll see "Individually print names on all your cards. Get started!" just above the editor.

When you click on the Get started! link a window will appear in which you may add your guests' names manually. Alternatively, you can upload an Excel file and import them directly. All the names should be in the first tab, in column A, starting from cell A1. 

Near the bottom of the name-list window, you'll also see the option of having extra place cards printed without any name. Once you have added all the guests, please select "Save". The window will close and the first name from the list should appear. This indicates that the list of names has been added successfully.

If you see {Name} text, but not the first guest name after clicking "Save", please click on "Edit your names" above the editor and click "Save" again.  When {Name} is visible instead of an actual name, it means that the list of names hasn't been saved correctly.

Now that the first name is visible in the editor, you may continue to customize the product. We recommend that you click on the name and adjust the text itself to improve visibility, e.g. enlarge the font size or change its style and color. Don't forget that the whole place card is about the size of a business card so the text should be large.

You may also take the box with the name in it and change its position. Please note that these changes will then apply to all the names added. This means that when you change the position and style of the name -textbox, these changes will appear on all place cards.

When finished, please click "Add to Cart" to proceed further.  You'll be redirected to a preview of all the place cards with their individual names. You can take the time to revise them all and go back to the editor, if required.

Once on that page, you can browse the place cards by clicking "Previous<  >Next" buttons to maneuver between the previews. To save all the changes click "Next step" and add them to the shopping cart.

After adding individual names to the place cards, you won't be able to change their quantity in the shopping cart and when clicking on the place card design, you'll see a preview with the first name visible. 

TIP: We advise you to add the longest name first - in this way you'll be able to place the name box wherever required and this will apply to the rest of the names.

TIP: It's a good idea to check the final preview and to select a larger font if the name isn't clearly visible.  The place cards are no larger than standard business cards, so we recommend that you keep this in mind

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