Our designs are created by graphic design professionals and are a single image file to which we can’t change individual parts. We are a self-service platform and you are able to customize many things within the template: you can upload photos, type your own text, and change the styles, sizes and colors of fonts within text boxes.

If there are different color options available, you will see these on the website at the moment you choose between designs (the colored boxes next to it). Besides these, we do not make custom adjustments to designs - please choose a different design in this case. Note that we have a "Create Your Own" option when you choose between designs, where you can start with an empty template and add text or image boxes as you wish.

We print our cards on high-quality white card stock (130 lbs). What colors are printed depends on the design you choose.

However, though we do not recommend this, it is possible to add a background color if you're on a desktop or laptop. You will need to create a JPG file and fill it with the background color you wish to have. You can use any design program (e.g. Paint or Photoshop) to do that. You will then need to add an image frame in your card and upload your background in the same way as your previous pictures.

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