About Optimalprint Premium

Receive all the benefits of Optimalprint Premium including FREE delivery on all orders and Premium reminders by SMS.


The benefits include:

  • FREE shipping
  • Exclusive Premium Reminders
  • Valid for all orders


Does my membership renew automatically?

Yes, your membership is set up to automatically renew annually. You can go to Account Settings to choose not to renew or to update your credit card for membership renewals. You can also cancel your membership anytime and get that year's fee back in full.

How do I cancel my Optimalprint Premium membership or stop the automatic renewal?

You can stop the automatic renewal at any time by clicking on 'Stop automatic renewal' under your Account Settings.

You can cancel the current year’s membership anytime up to 30 days before renewal. To do this, please go to Account Settings and click on Cancel membership at the bottom of the page. 

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