Design editor for cards

After you have chosen the desired cards design in the product page, you will be automatically redirected to the design editor.

The design editor for cards is easy to use and intuitive. It contains the following features:

  • If you chose a design with pictures, you have the option to add the pictures you desire, and you can upload them either straight from your device or from Google photos, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox (please make sure the images are high resolution and with a DPI over 300)
  • On the right side you have the main features: Undo, Add text, Add image, Select multiple items to align
  • In the align feature you have multiple options for the alignment of textboxes or images as well as a guide ruler to assist you in placing them as precise as possible
  • At the top you have the pages which you can choose either by clicking on them or by clicking on “Next”. You also have the “Save” button, which you should use often to make sure that all the progress is saved
  • On some pages there are sample texts which you should either edit or remove, otherwise they might get printed. If you remove them the page will be left blank, should you wish to write on them manually
  • When you are finished with editing all the pages, simply go to the last page and click the button “Add to cart” in order to proceed to checkout




  • Always check the preview before proceeding to place the order to ensure everything was saved
  • If you get an error message, do not ignore it and follow the instructions (usually it prompts about missing images, textboxes placed outside the print area, etc)
  • Maximum image size is 30 MB, and we support JPEG and PNG


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