Can I order blank place cards?

If you want to write the names on the place cards yourself, and not have them printed by us, you can definitely order them blank.


To do that, just click on the sample name and then click the “Delete” button.


This way the text box will be deleted, and the place cards will be printed with just the pre-designed graphics, and not the name like shown below:


Important note: Please do not just erase the text In the editor and click OK, because this way the text box will still be present, and the system will print out a placeholder text like {name} on your place cards (this will not be shown in the preview either).

Here is an example of how NOT to order blank place cards by editing the text and leaving it blank, and then clicking ok:


This way the sample text box will remain, not be visible in the preview, and the {name} placeholder text will be printed like in the example below: