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Questions You May Have About Wallpaper



Q: What is the range of measurements I can choose from when ordering my wallpaper?

A: Our wallpapers are printed to your specific measurements to fit walls and spaces of all shapes and sizes. The maximum size is 40sqm (430.55sqft) so any measurement above 4m by 10m (13.1 x 32.8 ft) will not be possible.

Q: Can the width of each panel be changed?

A: No, our wallpaper panels are fixed at 64.5cm/25.4inches in width. You can modify the length of the panel (usually corresponding to the height of the wall) to be within the range of 150-400cm/59.05-157.48inches.

Q: What is the range of measurements I can choose from when ordering my wallpaper?

A: The minimum size you can order is 150x64.5cm / 59.05x25.39 inch.

Q: How do I measure walls for wallpaper?

A: Measure the width and the height of your walls with a metal measuring tape. You can measure from the ceiling down to the floor and across each wall to quickly get a height and width measurement. Measure your wall in several places as walls are usually not perfectly straight and use the longest measurement for width and height. You can exclude the baseboards and moulding/cornice but should include any doors or windows. Add on 6-10 cm /2.5-4 inches to the measurements to provide a margin of error for assembly.



Q: What can I add to my wallpaper design?

A: You can take advantage of millions of beautiful Getty and Shutterstock images. Currently, it will only be possible to add a single image element to your design. It will not be possible to add additional images, clip art, or text layers.

Q: Will design templates be provided for this product?

A: No, we do not have design templates for wallpapers



Q: Do you provide glue and mounting kits?

A: We do not provide glue and mounting kits, we provide a list of recommended glues in different markets.

Q: What is the margin of error for assembly?

A: Walls are not always perfectly straight, so we recommend that you always add 6-10 cm /2.5-4 inches to your wall’s measurements to provide a margin of error for assembly. Rolls or strips cannot be ordered separately because our wallpaper is custom-printed to your measurements. The entire wallpaper order must be placed on the same purchase.

Q: Will the QR code provide a link to the mounting instructions for the specific type of wallpaper they purchased?

A: Yes, this means if you purchased the prepasted wallpaper, the QR code will be linked to mounting instructions specific to the prepasted wallpaper.

Q: What if one panel gets destroyed during installation?

A: We do not offer single panel reprinting, the whole wallpaper order will have to be reordered to ensure colour consistency.

Surfaces and Environments


Q: What surfaces can I hang the wallpaper on?

A: The surface must be smooth and clean when hanging the wallpaper. Do not apply on rough surfaces or uneven walls. It is important that the surface does not absorb moisture. Examples of absorbent surfaces are filled walls and particleboard. Absorbent surfaces need to be primed. If your wallpaper is a light colour, we recommend priming the wall white so that the surface does not show through. Wallpaper should not be hung on surfaces that are subject to corrosion, such as sheet metal or aluminium.

Q: Are your wallpapers suitable for installation in moist environments such as kitchens and bathrooms?

A: We recommend installing wallpapers only in non-moist environments.

Q: Is it recommendable to install wallpaper on dark or patterned walls?

A: In general, we recommend installing wallpapers on walls of a solid, light colour as darker coloured or patterned walls may show through the wallpaper. Our peel and stick woven wallpapers are thicker and may be able to cover patterned or darker coloured walls better. If you need to prime over your dark-coloured walls with a light primer before installation, it will be best to wait at least 4 weeks for the paint to cure before installation.

Q: Are there places where wallpaper should not be installed?

A: Do not apply on rough surfaces or uneven walls.



Q: Are all our wallpapers compliance tested?

A: Our wallpapers are eco-friendly, PVC-free, and non-toxic. They are also in accordance with the European Standard for wall coverings, EN 15102.