What do I do if my parcel is missing?

If your tracking information says that your package has been delivered, but you still can't find it, then:

- Verify the shipping address in your Account under Your Addresses (also shown in your shipping confirmation email)


-If you have multiple addresses for multiple orders, you can verify in your order history the specific address used for that specific order:

  • Access your Account under the “Your orders” section:


  • Here you will see the delivery address you have used for this specific order:


- Look for an attempted delivery note from the shipping provider (SMS message)

- See if someone else has accepted the delivery on your behalf (family members, neighbours, colleagues etc)

- Some packages travel through multiple carriers; check your mailbox or wherever else you receive mail


- You can get in touch directly with the shipping provider. HERE you can find all the details.

If the above has not solved your issue, and more than 48h have passed from the last day of the estimated delivery dates provided at checkout,  please contact us through our support channels (through email or a live chat agent) after our chatbot has tried to resolve it. You can access our chatbot HERE, and our support is 24h/7d.