Wood Prints Specification

Printed on wood, with natural wood grain showing through photos for a rustic touch. 

We use lined plywood for the wood print with birch for the outer layer, where the photo will be printed.  


Thickness: our wood product is offered in two thicknesses

  • Thin: 8mm-12mm (0.35-0.47in)
  • Thick 18mm-20mm (0.70-0.75in)


Your photos will be printed onto the surface of the wood and because we use a printing process that leaves out the white inks the wood grain remains clearly visible in the bright parts of your picture.


The Hanging Kit is included with the print: 

  • For thin wood print:

Metal hook: Attach a metal hanger with double-sided tape on the backside of the wood board. A foam block is fixed to the bottom of print so it hangs straight down on the wall


  • For thick wood prints there are 2 possibilities: 

1: Wood prints are equipped with a groove, which means that you can hang the board with a screw. 




2: Milled slots on the back of the wood with wall mounting hangers make it possible to hang the wood photo prints.