How to avoid bleeds and cut heads on canvas

When uploading a photo/image to a canvas template, the default layout will scale the photo in a way that the edges will be placed in the bleed area. 

The bleed area is referring to the edges of the print that will be wrapped up around the frame. 


Step 1: You will see the full image in the editor (bleeds included). 



Step 2: Check the preview and you will notice the edges that will be wrapped around the canvas (they will not be visible on the front view of the canvas, but on the edges of the final product).



Step 3: Check the full preview and see how the final product will really look. 





If you are not satisfied that part of the image will be cropped, we recommend changing the layout. This will allow the image to be fully visible on the front of the print, and the edges around the frame will be white.