How do I edit a photo book?

Our web-based editing tool and our app allow you to customize many aspects of your photo book, for example, you can choose from different image layouts for the pages of the book, add or edit your captions, swap images with other images, drag and drop images if you won't change their position among many other features.

Although we try to give you as much editing as possible, there are some elements that cannot be changed and we have gathered some of the most important ones below:

You can only select one photo per page, but you can choose between different image layouts.
The font style and size of the date, place, and captions on the book pages cannot be changed.
You can only choose to display the date, location, and caption on the book pages when a “Normal” layout is selected.
You cannot edit the back of your book.
The front and back sides are empty and nothing can be printed on them.
Your book must contain 60 pages for text to be printed on the book spine.