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Can I add text in a foreign language and special characters?

Foreign Language Text: We only support characters from the Latin alphabets at the moment. There are some fonts that can support different characters as well. However, if you would like to include other foreign characters (like Chinese, Japanese, Greek, etc), it is possible to add them in the card as an image of at least 300 DPI resolution. To do this, please use a photo editor and convert your text into an image first. Then please upload it on the cards. 

Special Characters: To add special characters, you could type the word in a word processor or in any text editor where you can add different characters with accents and then copy and paste this into the text editor on our site. However, please check after saving the text how it looks on the preview of the card. If you see a rectangular shape, then it means the font does not support that character and it will print as a rectangle. You can try changing the font style, but if that doesn't help it is not possible to print the character.