How do I edit a photo on a Mobile/Tablet?

To edit a picture on a mobile/tablet, please select the template of your choice (click on Personalize Card) and click on the camera icon where there is space for a photo on the card. Here you can insert images you've uploaded before, or you can click on 'Upload new photo' and upload images from your mobile, Facebook, Instagram, Flickr and Dropbox. If you click on 'Your other devices' you get an option to enter your email address to get a link sent to you so that you can continue editing on other devices. Once your image is uploaded you can zoom in and zoom out if you wish by pressing and holding the bar at the bottom (or by tapping on the image and choosing 'Adjust photo'). To move your image after upload or after tapping Adjust photo, simply press anywhere on the photo and then drag it in any direction.

Please note that there are more options on a pc/laptop, in case you want to add extra images, change the size or shape of the photo frame, or rotate a photo.