Why are there blank pages in a photobook?

When you look at a photo book, you'll notice some blank pages at the beginning and end. These are technically called "flyleaves" which are connected to the “endpaper” (the sheet of paper partly glued to the inside of the cover of a book) and they play a crucial role in the book. These blank pages serve as a protective shield for the first and last pages, ensuring they stay in good condition.




Moreover, flyleaves help keep the book structurally sound, preventing pages from becoming loose or falling out. They also add to the book's visual appeal. Publishers often use them for decoration, incorporating artwork, author signatures, or other attractive elements, making the book more visually appealing.

In essence, these flyleaves are more than just empty pages; they are essential components of a book that protect its contents, maintain its structure, enhance its appearance, and even offer practical value at times. So, they are a necessary part of your photo book.