Why do I see an error message "overlapping text" on my card?

Our editor provides easy-to-use tools for creating your products on Optimalprint. Amoung tools that allows you to add text and photos, customize the text (font style, font size, colour, bold, italics), you will also see the grid lines that help you align the text boxes. 

At the end of the editing process, just before adding the card to the basket, our system will analyze your design in order to detect if there is a sample message that was not changed, empty photo box or overlapping text. If yes, an error message will appear. You will be given the option to fix the issue or to ignore it.

We are constantly working on the accuracy of the error messages, however, sometimes the "overlapping text" error message might be triggered when the frames of the text boxes are overlapping, even though the text itself is not affected.




How to check the preview of the text on my card?

From the website

Once you add the card to your basket, you will be able to see the printing preview by clicking on the magnifying glass that appears on the bottom-right corner on product. preview.PNG


From the Optimalprint app

Once you finished editing, you will see a Preview screen. You can swipe right or left to see the front, inside and back of your card.