How do I edit a photo on a pc/laptop?

Once you have selected the template, please click on the image icon showing 'Click to insert image'. Here you can upload images from your computer, Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox or the ones you previously uploaded. Once your image is uploaded, you can rotate and zoom it by using the icons that appear when you select a photo. In some cases (when there is no fixed image frame around the photo, or you insert a new photo box), you can adjust the size of the image box itself by dragging the boxes that appear around the photo. You can add more image boxes by clicking the image icon in the bar on the right-hand side.

To move your image, you can do so by clicking on it and dragging it to any side and to rotate the image you have uploaded, please click on the semicircle arrow mark in the column at the top left-hand side of the image box. Should you have any issues, please try another browser.