What to consider when designing your card ?

When you upload an image, our system will automatically warn you (red icon) if the resolution of your image is too low - this is to prevent the image from looking "pixelated”. If you see a yellow icon 'OK', it means that the photo you have uploaded is of medium quality.

We require at least 300 dpi resolution for high quality print. In practice, it depends on the size of the image frame what photo size is needed, for larger images frames it quickly becomes min. 1500x1500 pixels or 1 MB in size. This means some images are OK to use in smaller frames (e.g. in a collage) but not for a full-page photo.

It is possible that the preview looks pixelated, even though your original photo is good/sharp. This can happen when an image is zoomed or when an external image enhancing tool is used. Please use a different image or make sure that the picture looks good even after you zoom it in 3x. Always make sure that you use sharp and bright photos (keep in mind it is not a classic photo on photo paper, but on greeting card stock)

You can choose to print a low-quality image. We understand that sometimes our customers will only have one photo available and the quality may not be great. However, this will reflect in the quality of the printing and there is not much we can do about it. You may try enhancing your image through some of the tool that are available online.