Paper types & weights

Both our silk and matte paper are FSC certified - Forest Stewardship Council - so you don't have to make a specific choice, they're both certified.

When it comes to paper types that we use, we have:

- 350 gsm standard (silk)
- 300 gsm matte

For photo books we use:

- Hard cover:
170-gsm-coated-silk /130-gsm-coated-silk

- Soft cover:
170-gsm-coated-silk /250-gsm-coated-silk

Note, US and Canada: 

- 130 lbs - Signature Silk paper 

- 130 lbs - Premium Matt paper 

Silk option also comes with the glossy coating (applied on the front page if the card is flat; front and back if the card is folded), It's not possible to write by hand on the glossy surface.

Posters are printed on 170 gsm thick paper.

Weigh of cards with envelopes

Below find the total weight of a card and a matching envelope. Red bold font means that in some countries (Norway, Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain) it is needed to put 2 stamps on an envelope (or the price of postage will be higher).

A5 + envelope:              
1. flat silk: 20.478g
2. flat matte: 18.924g
3. folded silk: 31.4295g
4. folded matte: 28.31g

A6 + envelope:
1. flat silk: 10.339g
2. flat matte: 9.56g
3. folded silk: 15.778g
4. folded matte: 14.224g

Square + envelope:
1. flat silk: 13.85g
2. flat matte: 12.86g
3. folded silk: 20.81g
4. folded matte: 18.83g

1. flat silk: 13.67g
2. flat matte: 12.637g