How do I know my photo has good quality?

For the best outcome, please follow the guidelines below:

- Avoid submitting photos downloaded from Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, iMessage, Instagram, and Facebook, as they may have been downgraded in quality - try to use original photos as much as possible. If you are using a photo sent by a friend or family member, ask him/her to send you the file via email, Google Photos or Dropbox as those services don't compress the files.
- Submit the original photo from your digital camera, shot in the highest resolution (pixels/DPI). When you upload your photo, our system will alert you if the image quality is ‘Good’, ‘OK’ or ‘Bad’. The minimum requirement for an image to print sharp on the cards is 300 DPI.
- Make sure that all the subjects are well-lit when shooting your photo. Natural light is the best option but otherwise, secure that the brightness of the image is high.
- Watch for movement, since motion captured on camera will appear as a blur which is not always detectable in resolution.

Supported formats: .jpg/ .png/