My payment attempt has not gone through

If your payment attempt has been declined, please try these following steps:

  • Confirm your debit or credit card type, cardholder name, card number, expiry date, CVC/security number (on the back of your card) and billing address.
  • If you still can't place the order, and you are sure you have sufficient funds on the card/account, then it might be related to your computer. In this case, we suggest you try a different internet browser, for example, Chrome, Firefox, Edge or Safari. You can also try clearing your cache and cookies.
  • Contact your bank. Payment being declined may be due to multiple reasons, including daily withdrawal or purchase limits, risk checks performed by your bank which has caused the rejected payment attempt, etc.

If the above has not solved your issue, you can always contact us through our support channels (through email or a live chat agent) after our chatbot has tried to resolve it. You can access our chatbot HERE, and our support is 24h/7d.