Card stock and Envelopes

You can find our card stock and the envelopes that come with it below:

A5 + envelope:              
- Flat silk: 20.478g
- Flat matte: 18.924g
- Folded silk: 31.4295g
- Folded matte: 28.31g

A6 + envelope:
Flat silk: 10.339g
Flat matte: 9.56g
Folded silk: 15.778g
Folded matte: 14.224g

Square + envelope:
Flat silk: 13.85g
Flat matte: 12.86g
Folded silk: 20.81g
Folded matte: 18.83g

Flat silk: 13.67g
Flat matte: 12.637g