Design editor for aluminium prints

  • After you have chosen the desired aluminium print type in the product page, you will be automatically redirected to the design editor.

    The design editor for aluminium prints is easy and straightforward. It contains the following features:

    • On the left side you have the main categories of tools: “Gallery”, “Layouts” and “Formats”
      • Clicking on “Gallery” will allow you to upload a file (you can upload them either straight from your device or from Google photos, Facebook, Instagram or Dropbox. Please make sure the images are high resolution and with a DPI over 300)
      • Clicking on “Layouts” reveals all the available layouts of the design, including collages
      • Clicking on “Formats” will allow you to
        • Choose the type, standard or brushed
        • Choose the orientation of the aluminium print between Landscape/Horizontal, Portrait/Vertical or square
        • Choose the format, which includes multiple sizes for the aluminium print
    • In the centre there is the aluminium print design itself
      • Clicking on it allows you to choose a file from the ones which you uploaded
      • You can also move the images around to make sure you avoid important parts being cut off in the design. There is a zoom features as well.
      • If you click on the added image, some buttons will appear right above the design:
        • Undo action
        • Redo action
        • Zoom mode, which allows you to zoom the image on the design
        • Rotate, which allows you to rotate the image
        • Buttons to flip the image horizontally or vertically
        • And the crop tool to crop the image as you would like within the design
      • At the top, you have a summary of the product specifications you have chosen
    • At the top-right you have the "Save to drafts", "Add  to basket" and "Preview"
    • At the bottom-right you have the zoom option once again




    • Always check the preview before proceeding to place the order to ensure everything was saved
    • If you get an error message, do not ignore it and follow the instructions (usually it prompts about an issue with the image)
    • Maximum image size is 30 MB, and we support JPEG and PNG


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