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Where can I find my tracking link?
Where can I find my tracking link?
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Once we printed your order, and we prepare it for shipping, a shipping label will be automatically generated along with a tracking link which will help you follow the delivery progress.

Usually, an email is automatically sent from us to your registered email address which contains the tracking link. However, if you did not receive an email from us, you can find the tracking link in your account by following the steps below:

1. Log in to your account and click on “Your orders”:

2. Choose the order you wish to track, and there you should have the tracking link (or multiple links if the order is split into multiple packages)


If the above has not solved your issue, you can always contact us through our support channels (through email or a live chat agent) after our chatbot has tried to resolve it. You can access our chatbot HERE, and our support is 24h/7d.

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