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Can I leave the back of my cards blank?
Can I leave the back of my cards blank?
Updated over a week ago

Please check in the design editor and in the shopping basket if the backside is blank or if there is a pattern.

  • If there is a pattern, it cannot be removed.

  • If there is a full-page image frame that you do not fill with a photo, the background will print – as visible in the shopping basket preview.

  • If you choose glossy coating (on our silk card stock), this is applied only to the front side in the case of flat cards, and the front+back in the case of folded cards.

Note: Please check to see if there is a sample text on your cards. If it is, either edit it with your own text or delete it if you want a blank page, otherwise the sample text might be printed by mistake.

  • Here is how the sample text looks like:

  • To remove it, simply click on each text box and click on the “Delete” button, or edit it to your preference and click “OK”.

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