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Design editor for calendars
Design editor for calendars
Updated over a week ago

After you have chosen the desired calendar type in the product page, you will be automatically redirected to the design editor.

All the main features of the editor are present at the top. From left to right, they are:

  • Photos: Clicking this will bring up the uploading photo option

  • Start Month: Here you can choose the starting month of your calendar

  • Events: Clicking it will bring up a new menu containing:

    • Occasions: These are pre-added dates containing religious holidays, and other special days throughout the year. These can be unchecked to be removed from the calendar

    • Your events: Clicking on it will allow you to add your own personal events

Note: After finishing with the event editing, click "update calendar" to save and return to the main editor page

  • Layouts: This will bring up several layouts for you to choose from for each page, by drag and drop

  • Backgrounds: This will bring up several backgrounds for you to choose from for each page, by drag and drop

  • Templates: This allows you to choose a template for the entire calendar

Note: Don't forget to click “Save” from time to time to make sure the changes you make are saved.

Finally, after finishing with the design and adding all the events, you can click on “Add to cart” to proceed to checkout.


Calendars are currently not available on the new website. We're currently working on adding them back. Thank you for your patience.

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