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How many pages do calendars have?
How many pages do calendars have?
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Depending on the format, our calendars will have 13 pages for a Double A4 size (large landscape) or 7 pages for the rest of the sizes.

The last page is blank, and you will not be able to add an extra picture on the last page. You can upload as many photos as you would like. 13 photos are the minimum, and a maximum of 48 photos can be placed on the inner pages of the calendar (if you choose 4-photo layouts). All photos you have uploaded will be available to select from when you press the Images option.

Please Note: All calendars will be printed on both sides of the pages. We do this for environmental reasons and we only use methods and paper certified on our calendars for eco-friendliness and produce close to the delivery address, all of which reduce carbon emissions.

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